Don't Go Looking (Studio Sessions)

This piano version reinterprets Don’t Go Looking with the verse/chorus structure it was originally written in back in February 2017. Jake was working on a beat in 3/4 and I sat down and wrote the chords and melody in about 5 minutes. Actually finishing the song lasted the better part of a year. Part of the problem we ran into while producing it was that anytime we moved to the next “part” in the sequence, the track stalled out and lost its momentum. In the end, we distilled it down to that first verse and underpinned it with a constant, rolling arpeggiator that keeps evolving until the final crescendo. (Sigur Ros was always a reference in the studio.)

Later on, I picked up the chords again and added the last verse. We considered making it the last song on the record, as a reprise, but chose to let "Losing My Mind" be the definitive piano focus on Gravity Pairs. That and the Celeste piano notes of "The War You're After" were the perfect album send-off.

Filmed by Jacob at Virtue and Vice Studios in Brooklyn.